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(only cumulable with the promotional packages)

Beard and Lower Face, Mustache and Cheeks
499 chf.
Torso and Belly (Abdomen), Armpits
599 chf.
Full Back ans Shoulders
699 chf.
Full back and Shoulders, Neck
799 chf.
Full Back, Torso and Belly (Abdomen)
949 chf.
Pubis and Intimate Lips, Overhangs on thighs, Buttocks inter Furrow
320 chf.
Pubis and Armpits
289 chf.
Half Legs, Pubis and Armpits
579 chf.
Half Legs, Pubis and Intimate Lips, Armpits
649 chf.
Full Legs, Pubis and Armpits
759 chf.



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