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Laser Hair Removal CLINIK is a Swiss chain specialized in laser hair removal, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.


  • I´ve tested the Alexandrite laser at CLINIK on half-legs, groin and armpits and I recommend it! The result its impressive! Without a single hair! I am dark haired, with light skin and dark hair, but with an average of 8/10 sessions I become hairless. This is the best investment I've made.

  • I started doing laser hair removal treatment at CLINIK, and I was very surprised because the hair growth on cheeks started to disappear from first session of the treatment. I highly recommend CLINIK team, who received me and advised professionally.

  • Laser hair removal with "Alexandrite laser" technology has transformed my life. I was a teenager with a high hair and it made me immensely complexed. Until the day I discovered Alexandrite laser hair removal. I invested in this treatment 10 years ago and "farewell" the hairs! No need to think about waxing before wearing a skirt, a bikini or being afraid that my pants will rise above my ankle. Today without thinking, I can wear what I want, as I want and when I want!


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