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Laser Alexandrite and Nd-Yag

Under medical supervision, Laser Hair Removal CLINIK offers you an effective and personalized treatment in the permanent laser hair removal industry.

Being specialised in hair removal industry, CLINIK has the latest advanced equipments (Alexandrite and Nd-Yag) to perform most effective hair removal treatments for all skin types, black or white.


Laser Alexandrite and Nd-yag.


85% to 95% of the hairs don’t grow anymore.


Alexandrite – 5 to 8 sessions
Nd-yag – 7 to 9 sessions


Free medical monitoring



There are several types of laser, Alexandrite, Nd-Yag, Ruby and Diode. Each of them has different values in the world of aesthetics and all should be performed under medical supervision.
In the various existing types, the Alexandrite and Nd-Yag Laser, was especially created for hair removal, here is the reason of our choice for Laser Hair Removal in CLINIK and at specialized clinics. Such technology has high investment requirements, but is most effective.

Pulsed Light

Pulsed light is used in variuos Beauty salons, hairdressers, fitness institutes that offer other types of treatments, in many cases it is a ‘multipurpose’ machine and can be performed with low investment. Therefore, efficiency in each of the areas is reduced.

Comparison of the two technologies

Laser Hair Removal

Emits monochromatic pure light unidirectional, photons are all indentiques and move in a single direction

More effectively; Fewer sessions

Removes hair by the germ cell

Under medical supervision

Intense Pulsed Light

Emits light composed mixed many types of photons (color), which are propagated in all directions

Less effective; More sessions

Weakens the hair but does not eliminate not the hair root

Without medical supervision


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    We always run a free initial consultation in order to make an accurate diagnosis with skin type analysis of the patient skin. The following of the treatment is performed by our doctor.

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    Our therapists using laser machines have achieved specialized and continuous trainings for laser treatments.

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    Our professionals work with single use consumables during the treatment, they define precisely the area to be treated using a pen to protect areas at risk.

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    During the treatment, clients and therapists are equipped with laser protection glasses, and cleaned with a bactericide in each session.

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    After the treatment, the skin is soothed and hydrated by aloe vera (organic) gel.


  • I´ve tested the Alexandrite laser at CLINIK on half-legs, groin and armpits and I recommend it! The result its impressive! Without a single hair! I am dark haired, with light skin and dark hair, but with an average of 8/10 sessions I become hairless. This is the best investment I've made.

  • I started doing laser hair removal treatment at CLINIK, and I was very surprised because the hair growth on cheeks started to disappear from first session of the treatment. I highly recommend CLINIK team, who received me and advised professionally.

  • Laser hair removal with "Alexandrite laser" technology has transformed my life. I was a teenager with a high hair and it made me immensely complexed. Until the day I discovered Alexandrite laser hair removal. I invested in this treatment 10 years ago and "farewell" the hairs! No need to think about waxing before wearing a skirt, a bikini or being afraid that my pants will rise above my ankle. Today without thinking, I can wear what I want, as I want and when I want!




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